With the assistance of the RMS, the score of the opera “Crime and Punishment” by Eduard Artemyev was published

The score of Eduard Artemyev’s opera “Crime and Punishment” has been published. Two of its volumes with an appendix on CD were published by the publishing house “Composer * St. Petersburg” with the participation of the Russian Music Union and the National Fund for the Support of Copyright Holders.

Crime and Punishment is an opera in two acts by composer Eduard Artemyev based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The authors of the libretto were directors Andrei Konchalovsky, Mark Rozovsky and the poet Yuri Ryashentsev.

The large-scale work has a difficult fate: Eduard Nikolaevich began writing it in 1979 and managed to finish it completely and present it to the audience only by his 70th anniversary. In 2007, the publication of a double album with the opera became one of the brightest and most notable events in the field of Russian musical art. In 2016, the premiere of the rock opera was held at the Moscow Theater of the Musical.

The published work is difficult to fit into the framework of one genre: it combines the traditions of academic opera and the sound of rock music, the possibilities of a symphony orchestra and new timbres discovered only in the XXI century. Russian Russian folk voices, opera singing, old Russian waltz (romance), Orthodox chants, jazz intonations, Russian chanson are organically intertwined in the work… The instrumental composition is also diverse: in addition to large symphonic and folk orchestras, bass guitar, acoustic piano, harp, synthesizers are involved in the rock opera. At the same time, “Crime and Punishment” is a single symphonic organism with dynamically constructed dramaturgy.

The score of the work will be donated to leading Russian and foreign music universities and libraries. Thus, the publication will be available to many musicians who will delight listeners again and again with the performance of the opera and its fragments.