Join the Union

If you are a professional musician or producer, organize concerts, or solve tasks similar to the goals and objectives of the Union in the course of your professional activity, you can become a member of the RMS.

For legal entities For Russian citizens For foreign citizens

In accordance with the Charter, the members of the RMS can be:

  • legal entities – public associations interested in jointly achieving the statutory goals of the Republic of Moldova;
  • citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18;
  • foreign citizens legally residing in the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 18.

Преимущества членства в РМС

  • The RMS in its structure contains eight guilds, the activities of which are interrelated. This creates completely new prerequisites for the realization of the creative capabilities of each member of the RMS, regardless of the profile of activity.
  • The RMS corresponds to the concept of the National Music Council, adopted in the system of determining the country’s leading organization in the International Music Council at UNESCO. Membership in such an organization is a status position of a musical figure, which is not provided by membership in any other creative union.
  • The RMS is an organization that corresponds to the concept of a trade union, and is ready to provide forms of protection and support for the work of its members that correspond to this concept.
  • In accordance with the various profiles of the musicians who are members of the RMS, the Union is ready to provide them with individual support in the process of creative incarnations and in difficult life situations.
  • The RMS participates in copyright protection and providing legal assistance to its members in situations related to various forms of creative realization.
  • The members of the RMS, who are members of the guild, can receive support for their individual projects if their nationwide significance is recognized and approved by the Council of the RMS.