A cycle of ‘Red Wheel’ concerts organized with the RMU assistance finished in Moscow triumphantly

Russian Musical Union and Moscow State Conservatory after P.I. Tchaikovsky implemented the project of ‘New music studio’ ensemble successfully, arranged to coincide with the 100 anniversary of the October Revolution, – ‘Red Wheel’ cycle of concerts.

Four concerts were held in Rakhmaninov hall of the Conservatory: ‘Anticipation and the discipline of feelings’ (September 18), ‘Plus electrification of the entire country’ (October 11), ‘Come to our collective farm, comrade!’ (November 2) and ‘Structures’ (December 3). The listeners were presented with virtually the full spectrum of the Soviet chamber-orchestral music of the post-revolution period.

‘New music studio’ performed the works by Nikolai Roslavets, Gavriil Popov, Aleksandr Mosolov, Vsevolod Zaderatsky, Leonid Polovinkin, Joseph Shillinger, Vladimir Scherbachev, Dmitriy Shostkovich, Sergey Porkofiev and other composers that reflected the plural and multi-voiced world of Russian musical art of the 1920-1930-s. None of the programs composition is included in the repertoire of any Russian collective, and in these terms ‘New music studio’ has pioneered.

‘It seems to me that this cycle has become an important event in the Moscow concert life. This is the result of multi-year scientific and creative research and selection of a huge number of musical events of the revolutionary period. The musical panorama of that time has never been so widely represented in all its contradictions and at the same time so holistically’, – said the project’s creative director, Professor Vladimir Tarnopolsky.

The project uniqueness was noted by many Russian publications where positive and even exalted replies were published. One of the concerts was noticed by the German press: positive opinion was published in the biggest German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.