As part of the Masters of Theater and Cinema project, Ivan Burlyaev, the Head of the Film Music Association of RMU, gave an online lecture

On January 27, the portal and the website of the Regional Youth Laboratory of Theater and Folklore hosted an online broadcast of a lecture by one of the most famous Russian composers, Ivan Burlyaev, Head of the Film Music Association of Russian Musical Union and the REC Film Music Laboratory.

Ivan Burlyaev is the author of soundtracks for the films “The 9th Company” (Russian: “9 рота”), “We are from the Future”, “Attraction”, “Salyut-7”, “T-34”, “Text”, “Kholop”, “Humpbacked Horse” and many others. It’s hard to remember a Russian blockbuster that doesn’t feature music created by Ivan Burlyaev. In addition, the composer is active in public events.

Lecture by Ivan Burlyaev “Film Music” was included in the series of lectures of the educational course “Masters of Theater and Cinema”, which has been held for the second year by the National Fund for Copyright Holders’ Support and introduces theater students and young actors to the luminaries of theater and cinema. The conversation between Ivan Burlyaev and Maxim Linnikov, artistic director of the Laboratory of Theater and Folklore, turned out to be very lively and informative.