In Samara, with the participation of the Guild of Sound Engineers of RMU, the Russian National Congress of Sound Engineers of Musical Programs was held

From January 24 to 26, 2022, Samara hosted the VIII Russian National Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs, the purpose of which is to form a professional community of experts in the field of practical sound engineering.

The Forum is held annually. Since 2019, the Russian Musical Union Sound Engineers Guild has been the informational and organizational partner of the event.

This year’s program traditionally included master classes by well-known sound engineers, presentations of new professional sound equipment and the latest sound technologies of foreign and domestic manufacturers.

The participants of the congress, as in previous years, were theater and concert sound engineers, sound engineers of radio and television studios, sound engineers and sound technicians of cultural and leisure institutions and release companies, as well as teachers of secondary and higher musical educational institutions that train sound engineers, and students of music colleges in the specialty of “Sound Engineering”. All of them received certificates. Many of the congress participants are members of Guild of Sound Engineers of Russian Musical Union.