"Melodiya" record company released a record of hits for the 90th anniversary of Alexandra Pakhmutova

“Melodiya” record company released a vinyl record “Songs of Alexandra Pakhmutova” in honor of the 90th anniversary of the composer.

The disc contains the songs “Hope”, “Tenderness”, “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”, “Starfall”, “The main thing, guys?”, “Melody”, “And the battle continues again?”, and many others. The compositions are performed by Anna German, Muslim Magomaev, Maya Kristalinskaya, Lev Leshchenko, Joseph Kobzon and Valentina Tolkunova.

Songs of various years were recorded with the participation of the Vocal duet of Leo Polosin and Boris Kuznetsov, the Soviet Song Ensemble of the Central Television and All-Union Radio, the Youth and Student Choir conducted by Boris Tevlin and other groups.