“MolOt Ensemble” of the Russian Musical Union presented six world premieres in Perm

On November 24, Perm private philharmonic “Triumph” hosted a show of the St. Petersburg MolOt Ensemble “On the Move”, – the ensemble is a member of the Guild of Young Musicians at the Russian Musical Union. The event was held as part of the XV International Festival of Contemporary Music “Sound59”.

The festival was held from November 23d to the 30th. The program of the festival included concerts, lectures, master classes and artists’ shows. One of the notable events was the concert of the St. Petersburg MolOt Ensemble, organized in collaboration with the “Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theatre”. The musical show was held with the support of the Russian Musical Union, the Guild of Young Musicians of the Russian Musical Union, the Ministry of Culture of Perm Region and Perm regional branch of Russian Union of Composers.

Chamber mini-ballets were performed at the concert – premiered music by young composers from different cities of Russia and abroad, written as part of the “Ballet Workshop 2020” online workshop. The authors were united by a common idea – to present the Perm Region as a meeting place between Europe and Asia, the mix and match of cultures. Ancient legends and deities of the Kama region, the industrial era of the Urals, the traditions of the Perm ballet – the composers were inspired by various pages of the region’s history.

Compositions “Introspections” by Dmitry Schukin, “Period” by Kirill Arkhipov, “Game/Play” by Vadim Genin, “Bird-Dream” by Evgeny Prituzhalov, “Surinay” by Evgeny Shkultin, “Chusva” by Anastasia Vyimova, “Triskelion” by Lizaveta Loban were performed on stage. As part of the MolOt Ensemble Alexei Isaev (flute), Alexander Zakharenko (clarinet), Alexei Glazkov (piano), Artur Zobnin (violin) and Iskandeor Khannanov (cello) performed. The music was complemented by ballet performances by young Perm choreographers Ksenia Kiryanova, Vladimir Kiryanov, Marina Kremneva, Anastasia Milashina, Maria Polshcha, Arina Sukhova and Arina Panfilova.