Moscow International House of Music (MMDM) will host the “Russian Stars of World Jazz” Festival with the support of RMU

On October 24 and 25, Moscow International House of Music will host “Russian Stars of World Jazz” festival, organized by Anatoly Kroll, a classic of Russian jazz, pianist, composer and band leader, Honored Artist of Russia, with the support of Russian Musical Union.

The first concert, “The Charm of Jazz”, will be held on October 24 in the Theater Hall of Moscow International House of Music. The project of the same name by Anatoly Kroll will present the most striking and extraordinary vocalists, stars of Russian jazz, each has already won the love of public and respect of professionals. Larisa Dolina with “Academic Band” jazz orchestra of Anatoly Kroll, Anna Buturlina with a trio of Alexei Becker, Olga Sinyaeva with a quintet of Anton Chekurov, Juliana Rogacheva with a quartet of Alexei Chernakov, Alsu and Mikella Abramova and many other performers will perform on stage.

The next day, the Svetlanov Hall of Moscow International House of Music will host a unique film concert show organized by the Mosfilm Studio “Music in the Films of Karen Shakhnazarov – on the screen and in reality!”. The event will be attended by Karen Shakhnazarov, film director; Anatoly Kroll, composer; Larisa Dolina; the “Academic Band” jazz orchestra and “We Are From Jazz” quartet of Anatoly Kroll; as well as leading actors of musical films “Jazzmen” and “Winter evening in Gagra”. Audience will be able to watch the most favorite scenes of these cult films simultaneously “on the screen and in reality”: the main scenes will literally come to life on the stage!