President Putin instructed to offer regular financial support for composers in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to develop regular financial support to composers in Russia. The President instructed the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to draft and submit appropriate proposals to him.

On March 25, during the meeting of the President with the laureates of awards in the field of culture and arts, composer Elmir Nizamov addressed Vladimir Putin. He noted that in the Soviet years the composing school made a big breakthrough, but now, according to him, there is no systematic financial support for people of this profession in Russia.

The President drew attention to the words of Nizamov that “creative collectives – orchestras, theaters – fearfully take the works of young authors, because they are afraid of failure.” “But there have always been failures, at all times,” Putin said. The President recalled that “this happened to those people who are considered classics today – initially, the public did not accept their works.”

President Putin added that supporting composers in Russia is an extremely important matter, and assured that the authorities “will definitely think and talk about it.”

In turn, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova, present at the meeting, noted that it is important to inform composers about the options of receiving financial support.