RMU continues to implement a large project entitled "Golden Fund of Russian Symphonic Music. XX – XXI century"

Russian Musical Union (RMU) continues the “Golden Fund of Russian Symphonic Music. XX – XXI century” project, the goal of which is to create an electronic database of musical material for symphony orchestras.

The project is mostly targeted at bring symphonic music out of a limited repertoire and expanding the range of musical compositions being currently performed. One of the reasons for the narrowness of the philharmonic repertoire is the lack of high-quality orchestral material and the high cost of music rental.

Within the framework of this RMU project, textual preparation and computer typesetting of musical scores and orchestral voices of outstanding symphonic works of the 20th – 21st centuries are being carried out. To date, electronic versions of the works of such composers as Nikolai Myaskovsky, Alexander Lokshin, Vsevolod Zaderatsky, Boris Tischenko, Andrey Eshpay, Reingold Glier, Sergey Slonimsky, Gennady Banshchikov, Veniamin Basner, and Alexander Tchaikovsky have already been created. The project is being implemented by Composer • St. Petersburg Publishing House.

Later on, the recorded materials will be distributed among concert organizations and orchestras at no charge.