RMU – coorganizer of vi international MolOt-festival

In Novosibirsk VI International MolOt festival has started, organized by the International association of young composers, performers and music experts of the RMU composers Guild and Youths Branch of Union of Russia’s composers. The concert-opening was held on April 11 in Novosibirsk State philharmonic.

Music of XXI century was performed at the concert: works by contemporary Russian composers (Vladimir Martynov, Yaroslav Sudzilovsky, Alexander Kneifel, Aleksey Glazkov) and works by leading foreign authors (Salvatore Sharrino, Michael Gordon, Tze Yang Ho). The musical event saw the participation of the RF honored arts worker, professor MGK after P.I. Tchaikovsky Mark Pekarsky (percussion), the head of the RMU MAMKIM InternatMolOt, the Chair of the Youths Branch of Russia’s Composers Union (MolOt) Yaroslav Sudzilovsky (violoncello), lauriate of All-Russia and International contests Maria Sabelkina (pianoforte), and Saint Petersburg MolOt-band headed by Artur Zobnin.

The festival aims to promote the young composers creativity, a broad demonstration of the latest Russian music outside the country. ‘The idea of the festival is to create a new geocultural space. Our events cover not only Russian regions, but also CIS countries and far abroad. There, ordinary students and professionals will be able to get acquainted with topical Russian music, hear our young, but already very experienced groups, – ‘says Yaroslav Sudzilovsky.

The festival program includes concerts and events in Novosibirsk, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Hamburg (Germany), Molodechno (Belarus) and Chisinau (Moldova). A special attention is paid to educational events, artistic meetings and master classes. For instance, the fifth cycle of MolOt workshops will be held in Belarus, where young composers from all over the country will be able to work with leading masters at their new scores during the week for free, which will be performed afterwards by a symphony orchestra.