The Anniversary International Assembly of Professors of Musical and Theoretical Disciplines was held with the support of the RMU

On December 1–3, 2017, Publicly Funded National Institution for Pre-School Education, Moscow, “Music School #66”, with the support of the Guild of Musicology and the Guild of Music Education of the Russian Musical Union (RMU), held the 5th – International Assembly of Professors of Music and Theoretical Disciplines entitled “Modernity and Creativity in the Methodology and Practice of Teaching Theoretical Disciplines in Children’s Music Schools and Children’s Schools of Arts”.

The Assembly is designed to present and summarize the accumulated professional experience in the field of modern methods and practice of subjects of the theoretical cycle of domestic Children’s Music Schools and Children’s Schools of Arts as a multifunctional creative laboratory based on classic, innovative, multimedia and interactive technologies in modern teaching.

The participants of the Assembly were teachers of theoretical disciplines from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Mexico. In the framework of the Assembly, master classes were hosted by T. A. Borovik, T. G. Shatkovskaya-Aizenberg, V. V. Tkacheva, N. L. Alexandrova – famous teachers of primary education in music – on various forms of teaching musical and theoretical disciplines and early musical development, as well as a master class by the director of SMART-Yekaterinburg Educational Center I. L. Maltsev on working with interactive projectors. The Assembly participants not only made presentations, but also showed the latest developments in the field of interactive multimedia learning tools.

The audience of the Assembly, as well as participants of Russian Contest of Projects held during the scientific and practical conference at the Assembly, received certificates and diplomas from Russian Musical Union (RMU).