The first Russian-Belarusian choral scores competition takes place with the participation of RMU

The Guild of Young Musicians “MolOt” of the Russian Musical Union and the Union of Composers of the Republic of Belarus hold the First Russian-Belarusian international competition of choral scores.

The aim of the competition is to strengthen cultural and creative ties between composers from various countries and regions, to discover new composers and new bright works in choral music. According to the results of the competition, it is planned to publish a collection of choral works of the winners of the competition, intended for a wide audience.

The jury is represented by composers and musicologists: Yaroslav Sudzilovsky (Russia, Moscow), Elena Atrashkevich (Belarus, Minsk), Sergey Uvarov (Russia, Moscow), Alexandra Makarova (Russia, St. Petersburg), Natalya Ganul (Belarus, Minsk), Oleg Khodosko (Belarus, Minsk), Dmitry Lybin (Belarus, Minsk), executive secretary – composer Lizaveta Loban (Belarus, Minsk).

68 applications from composers aged 17 to 35 years old from various parts of the world were submitted to participate in the competition. The qualifying round took place on April 9, 2020. The jury selected the 10 best choral scores.

  1. “Maramures Swing.” Sandu Bantas (Moldova – Romania)
  2. “The icon of late capitalism.” Anna Vilenskaya (Russia)
  3. “I love you my motherland”. Elena Korobovich (Belarus)
  4. “Native Imagery.” Veronika Kunichkina (Belarus)
  5. “The Brooklyn Bridge nocturne.” Adrian Mocanu (Spain)
  6. «Das Flüstern des Lichts». Giordano Bruno do Nascimento (Brazil – Germany)
  7. «My last will». Alina Orestova (Russia)
  8. «Infanzia ostinato». Alexey Slastnikov (Russia)
  9. «Let us go forth». Patrick Friel (UK)
  10. «Justus germinabit». Chun Hei Shing (China)

The Festino Chamber Choir and the Choir Ensemble of Contemporary Music at Belarusian Union of Composers will perform the works of the winners at the final concert, which will be held on June 1, 2020 at the Center for National Cultures in Minsk.