The International Guild of Young Musicians has announced a series of events dedicated to Russian music

The International Guild of Young Musicians of the Russian Musical Union (“MolOt”) announced a series of important, including international, events in the field of music.

In September the III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Musical Science and Composer Art in the Modern World” will be held in Astrakhan. Among the priority topics are the works of contemporary Russian composers and the music process in the post-Soviet territory. A forum dedicated to philosophical systems in the works of contemporary composers is scheduled for the same month. It will be held in Kaliningrad, in the Immanuel Kant Cathedral.

As part of its international activities, the Guild organizes in Minsk the II Congress of the Belarusian-Russian Association of Contemporary Music (BRACM). Belarus held the first international forums and seminars of the “MolOt”, and the creation of BRACM in 2018 was an important step towards the rapprochement of composer schools of the two countries.

A series of interstate events involves the implementation of the “Russian-German Multimedia Project” in Hamburg, a joint initiative of “MolOt” and the Hamburg Graduate School of Music. In addition, the organization plans to hold the 2nd International seminar and forum of young composers from Central and Eastern Europe, workshops, presentation of “MolOt” at the Prague Conservatory, etc.

But the year will end with domestic events: in November, the Saratov State Conservatory will host the Art-Modern-2019 Festival and Forum of Contemporary Music, where the world premieres of Russian composers will be presented to public. And in December, in Yekaterinburg educational lecture cycles, presentations of the latest author’s programs of invited artists will be held for young musicians, and most valuable, the practical work with performers of St. Petersburg “MolOt” ensemble, one of the leading Russian bands playing new music.

The key events of “MolOt” in the first half of 2019 were international seminars in St. Petersburg, Chisinau, and Makhachkala. If such events are not new for the Northern capital, for Moldova and Dagestan these are experimental events.

Musicians from Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Russia attended the 1st Forum of Young Composers of Southern European Countries under the auspices of “MolOt”, and composers and musicologists from Russia, Moldova, and the Czech Republic conducted master classes and individual lessons. And the 1st North Caucasus Forum of Young Composers brought together seminarians from Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria, North and South Ossetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan.

“These projects build the geo-cultural space of Eurasia,” stated to “NG” Yaroslav Sudzilovsky, Chairman of “MolOt”, a Member of the Council of the Russian Musical Union. – After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many ties in the musical world broke, but regardless of political metamorphoses, it is important for musicians from various countries to communicate with each other, learn from representatives of other composer schools, and demonstrate their works abroad. We provide such an opportunity, and for those who need it most of all – young people, children who are still being formed as individuals and professionals. ”