The MolOt-Ensemble will hold a series of master classes

The collective of the St. Petersburg MolOt-Ensemble with the support of Russian Musical Union has begun a series of master classes for musicians called “New Instrumentation”.

The videos provide detailed breakdowns of performing complexities, how they are notated and articulated. They include detailed studies of individual techniques; video editing allows you to follow the notes on the screen. The course may be of interest not only to teachers and students of conservatories and colleges of arts, but also to inquisitive listeners and music critics – the video allows you to examine in detail the wisdom of performing various techniques: glissandos, slaps, microchromatic, harmonics, jet whistles, complex techniques of playing the piano.

The master classes are unique due to that musicians also turn to composers, explaining certain problems of dubbing the techniques written out in the scores. Mastering the techniques described by the musicians of the St. Petersburg MolOt Ensemble in the master classes of the “New Instrumentation” course will create conditions for expanding the repertoire of orchestras and ensembles that are mastering the works of composers of the 21st century.

Petersburg MolOt-Ensemble was created in March 2012 as a collective of the Youth Department of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation. At present, it is the main collective of the Guild of Young Musicians “MolOt” at Russian Musical Union. It performs music of the second half of the 20th – 21st centuries.