The RMU of MAMKIM ‘InternatMolOt’ holds Russian-Belorus forum of composers in Minsk

Russian-Belorus forum of composers organized by International association of young composers, performers and music experts of the RMU InternatMolOt composers Guild will take place in on January 28-29 in Minsk. The event will be held supported by the Republic of Belarus Composers Union.

The meeting will be attended by members of the Belarus Society of Contemporary Music (BOSM), the RMU MAMKIM ‘InternatMolOt’ and the BelarusMolOt.

Within the forum framework, it is planned to create a Russian-Belarus Association of Contemporary Music, as well as holding a plenary session on the preparation to the V International symphonic seminar-forum of young composers after M.K. Oginsky. In addition, new members will be admitted to ‘InternatMolOt’.

The forum anchor men will be the head of the RMU MAMKIM ‘InternatMolOt, a member of the RMU Council, a member of the Russian Federation Composers Union Council, a member of BOSM, Yaroslav Sudzilovsky; Chairman of BOSM, member of the Republic of Belarus Composers Union Board, member of the board of the MAMKIM ‘InternatMolOt’ of the RMU, Dmitry Lybin; Anna Korotkina, secretary of the Composers Union of the Republic of Belarus; Chairman of BelarusMolOt Alexei Pilatov. As Yaroslav Sudzilovsky notes, the oncoming meeting is called to unite composers of the both countries, and will become the beginning of a new composers movement.