With the participation of Sound Engineers Guild of RMU, the Russian National Sound Engineering Scientific and Practical Conference was held

On January 31, at the Samara State Institute of Culture, within the framework of recently held the VIII Russian National Congress of Sound Engineers of Music Programs, the I Russian National Scientific and Practical Conference of Sound Engineers “Information Technologies in Sound Engineering Education: Problems and Prospects” was held.

The purpose of the conference is to consolidate forces and practical experience in addressing the issues of concert and musical sound engineering, updating its scientific aspects, and developing creative and scientific communications.

The online conference was attended by sound engineers, musicologists, art historians, professional musicians, teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions, graduates, undergraduates and college students from Samara, Moscow and the Moscow region, Kazan, and Syktyvkar.

The Conference engaged 22 speakers on various aspects of such an actively developing field as sound engineering. The materials of the Conference will be available in the collection book, which will be available in printed version and as e-book.