Guild of Musicology

Zaderatskiy Vsevolod Vsevolodovich


Zaderatskiy Vsevolod Vsevolodovich

  • Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Arts, Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory named after V.I. P.I. Tchaikovsky, editor-in-chief of the magazine Pianoforum, artistic director of the Academy of Music New Peredvizhnichnost, member of the Council of the All-Russian public organization Society for the collective management of related rights All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization, member of the Authors Council of the All-Russian public organization Russian Authors' Society

The guild includes Russian specialists in the field of musicology.

The main goals of creating the guild are to revive the practice of conducting scientific discussions and exchange of ideas in the field of musicology, publishing scientific publications, establishing international contacts in the field of music science, involving specialists in scientific and applied research in the field of musicology.

The Guild organizes interregional, all-Russian and international conferences, musicological lectures and seminars, prepares and publishes scientific collections, provides advice to applicants for degrees in the field of art history, promotes the participation of its members in traveling music academies and various projects of general cultural orientation, including including in international promotions abroad.

The Guild forms and maintains the following sections:

  • cultural studies and musical sociology;
  • theory of composition and acoustics;
  • folklore and ethnomusicology;
  • history of music and problems of modern globalization;
  • instrumental science;
  • theory and history of performance;
  • music journalism and editing;
  • mass musical culture (music in the system of mass culture).

Within the guild:

  • Association of Music Journalists

Head of the Association – Evgeniya Davidovna Krivitskaya
Organist, teacher, music critic, doctor of art history, professor of the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI Tchaikovsky, editor-in-chief of the “Musical Life” magazine, founder of the only specialized magazine “Organ” in Russia

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