Guild of Sound Engineers

Soboleva Maria Alexandrovna


Soboleva Maria Alexandrovna

  • Sound engineer, Professor of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Professor of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Professor of the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography named after S.A. Gerasimov, author of numerous publications and training programs on sound engineering

The Guild unites professional sound engineers of all musical directions:

  • acoustic (academic, orchestral) music;
  • pop and rock music;
  • concert sound engineering;
  • audio-visual arts sound engineering (recording music for cinema, musical theater, television);
  • postproduction.

The main goal of the guild is the development of Russian sound engineering, creating conditions for bringing it to a high creative and technological level.

The tasks of the guild include:

  • creation of a space for professional communication of sound engineers, exchange of creative and technical experience;
  • organization and conduct of professionally directed events in the field of sound work;
  • promotion of development and expansion of professional education in the field of sound engineering.
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